Did you ever asked yourself this question:

How do I know if investing money in some aesthetic treatments will bring me the results I want?

You don’t know the differences between the aesthetic devices, so how can you be sure?

In this article you will receive the information that can help you when making that decision.

Venus Legacy is the only aesthetic device on the market that has three specific technologies in one big applicator.

What those technologies do to your skin?

The answer to this question is why Venus Legacy is so awesome. You see, every technology play it’s part.

Effect of technologies on your fat and skin

First technology is there to reduce fat.

The second is there to tighten the skin.

The third is there to speed up metabolism, reduce water and improve the result of fat reduction.

The beauty of it is that everything is done simultaneously, since all three technologies are inside one applicator.

So, instead of doing three treatments, you just do one. And it is fast.

By combining those three you achieve synergy.

If there was one applicator for each technology, you will not have the same results. Each technology when done simultaneously, make the other technology better.

How radiofrequency works
How PEMF works
How vacuum works

Technologies of Venus Legacy

So, what are the technologies?

  1. MultiPolar RadioFrequency – reduces the fat. What multipolar means? For you, it means that you won’t feel any pain at all.
  2. Pulsed magnetic field – thightens the skin.
  3. VariPusle – Pulsed Vacuum.

No other device on the market can do that!

This is why Venus Legacy is one of the most favorite treatments around the globe.

The thing is, even though it is very efficient – meaning that people need between 6 and 8 treatments in average to achieve wanted results. You may not be the perfect candidate for the treatment.

This is why, having a great beauty consultant is very important. That is why our consults are free. And you can schedule yourself for one right now.